We are the custodians of this beautiful planet. Our actions today will affect our children tomorrow. At TC Legend Homes, we see a carbon-neutral future of healthy homes and clean transportation that will allow future generations to thrive.


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As pioneers of the positive-energy construction concept, we build homes that not only produce enough renewable energy to eliminate heating and electrical bills but that can also power an electric car for thousands of miles per year. In fact, we have built more 100% solar-powered homes than any other builder in the area at a cost that is surprisingly affordable. Contact us today for an estimate on your custom home building project.

Our Mission

TC Legend Homes aims to lead the charge in the Pacific Northwest of designing and building zero-energy homes. All of our homes have abundant daylighting, produce at least as much renewable energy as they consume, are non-toxic, accessible, affordable, and have healthy indoor air quality. We strive to create buildings that allow for the clean powering of both homes and personal transportation. We hire a diverse team of people who are passionate about sustainability and align with our mission and values. At TC Legend Homes, we are transparent with our clients and community and believe in openly sharing our knowledge to benefit all, regardless of income, social class, race, ethnicity, or privilege. By sharing our experiences and expertise, TC Legend Homes works to inspire and challenge other builders, individuals, and organizations to push for an equitable, safe, and healthy built environment.

Our Story

Over the Years




The first phase in our company’s history was building affordable spec homes of our own design, as well as remodels.


Built Seattle’s First Zero-Energy Home

Seattle’s first true net-zero home also happened to be our first as well.


Won First Housing Innovation Award

Awarded by the U.S Department of Energy for our Ballard Zero-Energy Home. The first of six of these prestigious awards we won from the federal government.


Won Home of the Year from Green Builder Magazine

Awarded in the Alternative Building Category.


Built Our First Emerald Star Home

Certified by Built Green at its highest-performing level, this was the second Emerald Star home completed in Seattle.

Our Values


We build homes for a Carbon Neutral Future for ALL.

Diverse Team

We have an inclusive and diverse team of staff, suppliers, and subcontractors. We hire regardless of race, disability, age, gender, orientation, and neurodivergence.

Sharing Knowledge & Transparency

We believe that knowledge should be shared. We strive to create a transparent environment to educate and share our expertise with our local community. TC Legend Homes participates in speaking events, home tours, selling plans, offering design consultation, supporting local organizations, and more, so a greater diversity of people can benefit from our experience building net-zero-energy homes.

Respectful & Safe Space

TC Legend Homes is a safe space. Persons of all different backgrounds and walks of life are welcome. We have high standards for our clients and staff, and we require mutual respect, while honoring differing perspectives, constructive communication, and conflict mediation when working together. 


When designing homes, we strive for maximum efficiency and practicality and minimal material and labor costs. We aim to be accessible for all generations and a broader range of income levels.


All our customers and staff are passionate about sustainability and high performance homes.

Accessible Housing

We have innovative designs suitable for multi-generational families and various levels of mobility, including aging in place and universal design. 

Innovation & Expression

To produce unique and innovative designs, we are constantly learning about the latest products and techniques. We encourage our staff to express and share ideas.

Giving Back

We sponsor local organizations that align with our values. We are actively working toward equity and social justice in our community. We support our local underserved schools. 

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