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Discover TC Legend’s approach to zero-energy home building

TC Legend Homes Intro

Meet Ted Clifton and view one of TC Legend’s award-winning positive-energy homes.

Designing and Building Zero-Energy Homes

In this presentation from the 2020 Built Green Conference, Ted Clifton and Jake Evans outline their unique approach to designing and building award-winning market-rate net-zero-energy homes.

Zero Energy: A Solution to Make Housing Affordable

Ted Clifton and Thad Johnson explain how building net-zero or even net-positive can actually make a home you buy more affordable.

Spec Positive

Can a developer build a net-positive home and make the numbers work? What about two homes at the same time? This presentation details the sustainable features of TC Legend’s first net-positive spec homes.

Mastering Built Green: From 2018 WSEC to Net Zero Homes

Take a deep dive into high-performance construction. In this moderated discussion, leading Built Green 5-Star builders explain how to build net zero homes for only 4.5% more than current construction costs.

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