South Hill

South Hill

South Hill Forest Hideaway

South Hill Forest Hideaway is placed on a one-of-a-kind lot in the heart of town yet privately tucked away in the woods with beautiful views. The forgotten lot was purchased by a couple who envisioned an accessible, aging-in-place hideaway to grow old in together, with a big emphasis on accessible. In order to achieve this dream, the home’s design and final finishes had to be carefully considered. The 1525 square foot home is all one level so that every room can remain usable and without worry about falling on stairs. In order to further fall-proof the house, the drywall and countertop corners are rounded, the flooring is made of a softer material, there is a walk-in shower with grab bars to hold on to and the washer and dryer are elevated higher off the ground. The houses most accessible bathroom was also designed to make accessing it with a wheelchair or walker a lot easier as it is 6’ wide and instead of a standard vanity, has a pedestal sink. All of the doors are 3’ wide and have lever handles which are easier to open than knobs.

Due to the lot’s topography, South Hill Forest Hideaway was built on a steep slope and required half of the house to be stilted while the other half has a slab-on-grade foundation.  For some contractors, stilt houses can be tricky to build, but TC Legend Homes has plenty of experience and expertise in this kind of build.

When it came time to tackle the tree retention plan, the homeowner joined in and got their hands dirty planting the 22 Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Grand Fir saplings with love and care.

This home is a truly special hideaway!


  • Overview:
    • 1525 sqft
    • 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom
    • Half stilted and half slab-on-grade
    • Aging-in-place
    • Air Sealing: 0.64 ACH
    • HERS Index: 35
    • Certifications: DOE Zero Energy Ready Home certified, ENERGY STAR certified, EPA Indoor airPLUS certified, anticipated Built Green 4-star certified
  • Mechanical:
    • Ventilation: Fantech Hero 250H-EC with HEPA filtration. Built-in humidity, temperature, and CO2
    • Heating/Cooling: Chiltrix CX34 + comfopost ducted heat & cool + fan-coil heater/chiller


Cascade Lane

Cascade was constructed and sold as a spec home, neighboring two other TC Legend Houses from the
earlier days of Ted’s green construction career. The home is nestled in the steep hillside with the driveway and most of the house standing on stilts. The area is notorious for almost inaccessibly steep driveways, so to create a usable flat driveway at street level and eliminate concrete retaining walls, the 24’ wide driveway bridges to the house with the garage located on stilts, on-grade with the main (second) floor. Cascade projects into space with only a small foundation containing the plumbing. This stilt-house configuration substantially reduces the cost to
build from a traditional foundation and leaves the onsite flora largely intact.

From the entry you walk into the open kitchen, living and dining area with views of the green forest all
around. Behind the kitchen is the utility room and first bathroom. On the lower floor are three
bedrooms and a bathroom, with the master able to be re-configured as a Jack-and-Jill. Also on the lower
floor is the laundry which is located under the stairs and a cozy living or work space with a sliding glass
door out to a small deck that can hold your mini vegetable garden. In total, Cascade is 1400 sf with 3
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a 240 sf garage.

Built and performing just as all our standard homes, Cascade is a Net-Zero home and will receive a Built
Green 5 star certification along EPA Indoor AirPLUS certification, EPA Energy Star certification and
Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home rating.


  • 1400 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom
  • 240 sf garage
  • Cook’s kitchen
  • Kitchen bar
Fullenwider Home

Fullenwider Home

Fullenwider Home was built in spring of 2022 and was constructed on an infill lot in the heart of Bellingham. The home features a 562 sf certified Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) above the 531 sf garage and 1,280 sf of main living space. 

In juxtaposition with the colorful exterior, the interior of the home remains simplified, highlighting the white paint and natural wood tones. Throughout the home, the extensive daylight lights the warm wooden floor, trim and exposed beams, inviting its guests to stay and relax. 

The first floor of Fullenwider Home is designed for aging-in-place with the main living space, a bedroom, zero-threshold shower, washer and dryer, accessible entries and more. The second floor currently holds the ADU and a bedroom, bathroom plus a spacious recreation room in the main living residence. However, the second floor was designed for future renovation where the recreation room can be walled off to create a second bedroom and a third bedroom can be added where the current cut out to the first floor is. In the spacious ADU, the main living room was built to have lots of wall space to maximize usability of the room. It also features a compact chef’s kitchen with full dishwasher, fridge and range.

 In addition to all this home already has to offer, the garage should not be overlooked. It was built inside the heated envelope of the house, which means it offers more than just a spot to park a car. It can double as a flex space, which are becoming increasingly popular for running a small business, using as a shop or art studio, or even a home gym. Likewise, the covered patio area just outside the kitchen and living room adds valuable living space for a low cost and helps connect the homeowner’s to their community while maintaining some privacy.

As with all our homes, Fullenwider Home was designed and built using the TC standard envelope and mechanical systems creating a Net-Zero home. On the Southern roof is an 8.6kW photovoltaic array, powering the house and an electric vehicle. Harvesting passive solar, the majority of the glazing is installed on the southern exposure of the home. The driveway was also poured with permeable concrete allowing the stormwater to infiltrate back onto the lot.

As Bellingham continues to grow, infill lots and lot efficiency are becoming increasingly important for affordability, availability and to decrease urban sprawl. Fullenwider Home manages to do just this. ADU’s create additional dwellings within the city for those who choose to rent or cannot purchase a home. They also help homeowner’s offset their own mortgages, making owning a home more realistic for some.

Lake Samish Lookout

Lake Samish Lookout

We could not have asked for a more perfect site to build on than Lake Samish Lookout. Besides the striking views all around, the lot is mostly flat and already came with utilities stubbed on site. There were also no trees harmed in the building of this home. In all, the lot created a very cost-effective build which made all parties happy!

Lake Samish Lookout was designed to use space efficiently and effectively while optimizing the stunning easterly views of Lake Samish and natural southern lighting. The house includes 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and an upside-down layout with a spacious, open kitchen, dining and living room on the second floor looking over the lake and surrounding forest. From the second floor living space, you can effortlessly access the 240 sqft deck for the full panoramic views. Whether it be outdoor cooking and dining, lounging, or working with a view, the spacious deck adds a complementary flex space to the small footprint home for bigger living. In total, this Net-Zero house measures 1500 sqft and was completed the summer of 2022. 

Lake Samish Lookout was built using our standard TC Legend envelope and mechanical systems but with Fujitsu 18RL heat pump with one head on each floor. On the Southwest sloping metal roof, sits an 8.1kW photovoltaic array, allowing the house to produce an excess of electricity to power both the house and an electric vehicle, qualifying the house as a Net-Positive home. The aesthetic wooden arbor in the northeast corner of the house coveys the roof’s stormwater to an unusual up-slope infiltration trench required by the site topography. 

With a 0.41 air changes per hour, the envelop sealing exceeds Passivehaus standards. We expect the home to receive at least a 4 Star Built Green rating and has received Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home rating, Energy Star certification and EPA’s Indoor AirPLUS certification. 

Lead carpenter Jeff did a superb job managing the construction on this cozy abode, with photographer John Trax commenting that this was the cleanest construction site he has ever seen. On site just about every day for the last 2 months of the build, Jeff made sure the house was finished to the highest standards!

House in a Hollow

House in a Hollow

The house-in-a-hollow isn’t really in a hollow, it’s on a knoll, above protected wetlands, northeast of Bellingham. The hollow is formed by the trees, which were preserved to shield the house from overheating, and to conserve the flora of the native wetlands.

Measuring 1950 square feet, this Department-of-Energy certified Net Zero clerestory design has a central kitchen and a 1st floor aging-in-place floorplan. Designed for an Alaskan couple whose love of the outdoors demanded a house that fully engaged with the landscape, plenty of daylight is admitted & access to outdoor living is easy.

Most of the house is downstairs, leaving (2) bedrooms, a full bathroom and a rec-room upstairs for family visits, grandchildren to play Lego, perhaps an office if needed, old friends to take up residence…

Advances in TC’s mechanical systems determined that the radiant tubes embedded in the 4” concrete slab will serve as a back-up heating system to handle abrupt cold snaps, with the day-to-day heat & cool being delivered via the Zehnder Comfopost, a heating/ cooling coil that sits in the ventilation delivery ducts. The Comfopost coil is driven by the Chilltrix CX34 heatpump, along with a further fancoil heat/ cool unit located in the 2nd floor rec-room.

The energy-shell is formed using the system: 6.5” SIPs walls, 10.25” SIPs roof,’ with 4” slab-on-grade concrete-mass insulated from below with 4” of R20 foam. The openings are plugged with Vinytek triple pane Boreal windows & Thermatrue fiberglass doors.

TC Legend built this net-zero house through the winter of 2020/ 2021. The SIPs roof panels swung in on a crane through the blowing snow, Ted now reporting feeling has returned to his fingers, 6 months later! The owners planted over 630 native trees and shrubs in the chilling March rain, and the crew scooped up the mud and maintained the new 700’ driveway to this remote & beautiful lot: A gem in the Pacific Northwest.